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Louder Than A Bomb Slam Submission
submit to be on the louder than a bomb slam team!!!!

We need six super dedicated poets to join us in Detroit for Michigan's Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Slam in early May. LTAB is a really big commitment! We'll be meeting once a week, and potentially more often as we get closer to the slam. The deadline for submissions is December 11th. Good luck!

Check out the website for LTAB here!

Send us a poem!!! Either typed out in the form or a link to a google doc
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Which days of the week are best for you?
What challenges may you experience if you make the team (i.e. stage fright, busy schedule, etc)?
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What strengths will you bring to the team (i.e. commitment, performance experience, etc)?
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Why do you want to be on Ann Arbor's Louder Than A Bomb Team?
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