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Amate House Application, Stage Two
Welcome to stage 2 of the Amate House application! Like in Stage One, we suggest you work on these questions in a separate document and then copy and paste into this form, as you must complete each section before you can submit the form.

Stage Two – Submit:
• Core Tenet Responses
Please limit each response to 150 words or less.

As context for the short answer questions please consider our mission statement: “Amate House's mission is to develop young adult leaders into life-long social justice advocates who serve their communities while deepening their faith.” Keep in mind our five core tenets of Faith, Community, Social Justice, Stewardship, and Service.

1. How do your personal values relate to this mission? What in particular excites or attracts you to this mission?

2. How do you understand the concept of stewardship? What does living a life of voluntary simplicity mean to you?

3. What does the term "intentional community" mean to you? What have your experiences of community been, and what have you learned from them?

4. How do you respond to conflict? Please cite one example of a time when you engaged with someone who has a different style of conflict resolution from you.

5. How have you developed your faith life over the past few years?

• Resume (emailed as a separate PDF attachment to
• 3 Character References (contact information listed via this form - references will submit their feedback directly to

Please instruct your references to download the reference form (available here: and send the completed form directly to the Amate House staff at

After you submit the Core Tenet Responses + Resume + Character References, we will set up a formal interview with you. An in-person interview in Chicago is preferred.

If you encounter any problems or questions, please contact the Amate House staff at or 773-376-2445.
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