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Join Bravera as a merchant! 成為夥伴
Bravera is a growing movement in Hong Kong offering rewards to the active community, who rarely get immediate and direct rewards from their hard-earned fitness data! We offer participants a chance to take activity challenges in exchange for partner rewards upon completing a challenge. We provide unique QR codes linked to each invdividual challenge, merchant partner, and offer. Our partner rewards redemption tool is very easy to use! Tell us more about your business and we'll get back to you on how you can be listed as a merchant on Bravera!
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What type of value proposition would you like to offer users of Bravera? 你想為用戶提供什麼優惠?
For Bravera to be able to attract more customers for your retail services, we require that you provide at least 15% discounts. Are you willing to provide this discount? 為了幫助店鋪帶來更多人流,參與Bravera的夥伴必須提供最小15%折扣。請問閣下是否願意配合此規定 *
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