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Hello! Thank you for your interest in submitting a panel for HAMACON MINICON! Please CAREFULLY READ AND FILL OUT the following info below. Take the time to make SURE all information is accurate, as we WILL NOT APPROVE panels that do not fit our guidelines.

If your panel is approved, you will receive a complimentary panelist admission to the event, made out to the panelists provided to us. When you have successfully fulfilled your designated panel obligations, you are free to enjoy the rest of the event as our thanks to you for providing us with content.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you, and Good Luck~
Panel Name *
What's the name of your panel? (42 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM)
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Contact Information *
Please put a VALID email address that we can contact you with. Only one email is needed.
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Names of Panelist(s) *
Please include up to TWO MAIN panelists hosting the panel. These are the names that are going on the Badges you pick up
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Program Guide Panelist Names
This is if you want different names or your group to be credited with the panel in the program guide.
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Panel Description *
This is where you pitch the content of your panel to us, so be as concise as possible.
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Program Guide Description *
This description of your panel will show up in your program guide. If you don't really know how to write it, just leave it blank and we'll work with you to create a blurb that's enticing! (500 CHARACTER MAXIMUM)
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Preferred Time *
Give us a good day/time range. We will try to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee the time you put. If we need another time, we will contact and try to work with you.
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Genre of Panel *
Please check all that apply.
Technical Requirements *
Please list EVERYTHING that you expect US to provide for you as far as programs, extra mics, etc.
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Panel Duration *
PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE DURATION FOR PANELS ARE ABSOLUTE. Your panel will be over and the next panelist will be given space to set up after the time has elapsed, whether you have finished your panel or not. The sweet spot for panels I will accept is the 50 minute panel. The longer your panel lasts, the more you must prove in this form to us that you have the concept, the content, and the audience draw to deserve a larger block of our schedule.
Age Rating *
Please be exact with your gauge of content, We market our convention as family friendly, so we want to make sure anything that isn't is clearly defined.
Experience *
Have you done a panel before? Have you worked with HAMACON before? If so, what have you done for us? Include any links to recordings or online available material of panel programming you've done for our show or other shows (this really really REALLY helps your chances)
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