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2018 Recruitment Counselor Application
Please read through this application carefully and answer each question thoroughly.
All applications must be completed by November 5th, 2017 at 5:00 PM
I understand that I must achieve the following objectives to fulfill my duties as a Gamma Chi:
- Currently have and will maintain a cumulative and Spring 2018 semester GPA of a 2.50.
- Enroll in and attend the Gamma Chi 2 credit hour class each Wednesday from 5:45-7:35pm during the Spring Semester.
- Complete all assigned papers, projects, and homework
- Attend every class unless previously excused by instructors
- Must have genuine interest in being an exemplary leader of the UT Sorority and Fraternity Community and a sorority woman that practices the values of leadership, Panhellenic sisterhood, service, and scholarship.
- Must disaffiliate from one’s sorority for ALL of Formal Recruitment preparation before and during Recruitment.
- Must be on time for class or any recruitment activity and be fully committed to everything involving the Gamma Chi program.
- Must sell 1 advertisement for the Sorority Scope by the midterm date (TBA) with money and design collected from business
- Must be an active member, in good standing, for your chapter the semester following Recruitment 2017.
- Participate in a Gamma Chi Philanthropy event for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation.
- Attend Gamma Chi retreat the week prior to Recruitment.
-Be available for the week of Recruitment including new student move in.
- Must keep the best interest of the potential new member in mind at ALL times.
- If I choose to withdraw or I am released, all expenses are my responsibility and cannot be refunded to me by Panhellenic. Expenses would include ad money, decorations, etc.
- I understand that if I do not meet any of the above objectives, I am subject to removal from the Gamma Chi program. I understand that if I choose to withdraw or I am released from the Gamma Chi program following the deadline of Spring Final Exams, summer break, or Recruitment week, I will forfeit my right to actively participate in Recruitment with my own chapter and will not be able to return to my chapter until Bid Day 2018.
Leadership Minor Involvement
The newly established Leadership Minor is a collaborative effort between The Center for Leadership and Service and The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department and combines theoretical and practical leadership skills to prepare students to serve confidently, collaboratively, and ethically in leadership roles on campus, and in local, national, and global contexts. Students accepted into the minor will engage in 12 hours of applied leadership education (course work), along with 60 hours of applied experience, so that students in the minor expand their knowledge and skills in critical areas such as group dynamics, ethics, conflict management, vision casting, values clarification, social justice, communication, and mentorship. In the proper context students will be equipped to be global citizens, adaptable to other cultures and viewpoints. The Gamma Chi class fulfills some of these requirements should one wish to apply to be a part of the Leadership Minor. Participants in the Gamma Chi program do not have to apply, be selected for, or fulfill the requirements of the Leadership Minor should they not wish to be.
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