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IES Questionnaire -Universal suffrage and the voting system in HK  香港的普選與投票制度
您好! 我是來自聖保羅男女中學的中五學生,現正進行通識教育科的獨立專題研究,探討香港市民對香港現有選舉體系的看法。請抽空填寫以下問卷。問卷所得資料會全部保密,亦只作學術用途。

Nice to meet you! I am a F.5 student from St. Paul's Co-educational College and I am now doing an Independent Enquiry Study (IES) about the perception of Hong Kong citizens towards the electoral system of Hong Kong. Please kindly spare some time to complete the questionnaire below. All information will be kept confidential and used for academic purposes only.

Unless otherwise specified, please answer all the questions.

Unless otherwise specified, please choose one answer only.


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Part I: The views of Hong Kong citizens towards universal suffrage in Hong Kong

According to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the year for universal suffrage of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong is 2017 and that for the LegCo is 2020.

1. 你有多同意以下對香港未來普選的描述?*
 To what extent do you agree with the following statements considering HK’s universal suffrage in future? *
非常同意  Strongly agree
同意 Agree
中立 Neutral
不同意 Disagree
非常不同意  Strongly disagree
香港的普選意味著所有成年的香港市民在公開選舉中(例如特首、立法會、區議會選舉)都有投票的權力。Hong Kong’s universal suffrage should ensure the right of all adult citizens to vote at public elections.
香港的普選應該保障所有選民不受歧視(性別、年齡或種族)和不合理限制的權利。HK’s universal suffrage should rule out the discrimination based on gender, religion, race or on similar ground against any voter.
香港的普選應確保每位選民的選票之影響力與其他人的均等。HK’s universal suffrage should ensure every voter's votes are counted with equal weight.
香港的普選應確保本港的政治體系維持“行政主導”。HK’s universal suffrage shoud accommodate with the executive-led political system of the HKSAR.
香港的普選應能促進本港資本經濟的發展。Hk’s universal suffrage should facilitate the development of the capitalist economy.
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2. 對於香港未來的立法會普選,你有何看法?(多選)*
What are your views towards LegCo’s universal suffrage in future? (Can choose more than one)*
3. 你認為香港立法會普選的投票機制應有哪些特點?(多選)*
What kinds of characteristics should the voting system for the universal suffrage of LegCo have? (Can choose more than one)*
4. 承上題,你認為香港目前的投票制度多大程度具備你所選擇的特點?*
Regarding the previous question, to what extent do you think HK’s present voting system has sufficiently included the above characteristics?*
完全不具備 Totally not sufficiently included
充分具備 Totally sufficiently included
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