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* Revise as needed
* To reduce any delays in correspondence, please provide personal email not a school email address

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#1 - The annual ROP Celebration of Success ceremony will be held the evening of Wednesday, April 29th at the North Orange County ROP Education Center located at 385 N. Muller Street, Anaheim. If selected for an award, would you be able to attend with your parents/guardians? *
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#10 - What is the last name of the ROP instructor or Career Guidance Specialist (CGS) who nominated you for an award? *
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#13 - List the ROP course titles you have taken or are currently taking. *
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If you are selected to advance in the award process, panel interviews will be held March 30th- April 3rd. Students advancing will be notified of their individual interview date(s) by March 16th. Due to the scheduling of judges assigned interviews cannot be changed.
Note: Your responses to the following questions will be used to determine whether or not you will advance for a panel interview. You might want to type and save your responses as a document, then cut and paste them into this form. Remember, if you get stuck, you can always edit after your initial submission as long as it is before the deadline of 4:00 pm on Friday, February 28th, 2020...just use the link on your confirmation email.
#15 - Why did you enroll in a career-related course offered through ROP? (250 word minimum) *
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#16 -Describe how the CRPs have prepared you for transition to post-secondary education, career training, or the workforce. (250 word minimum) *
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#17 - Summarize a project or ROP coursework in which you demonstrated leadership skills. *
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#18 - How has your ROP instructor or Career Guidance Specialist impacted your life? *
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#19 - What advice would you give to incoming high school students regarding enrolling in ROP career pathways? (250 word minimum) *
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#20 - Outline your future education and/or career plans. Identify how your ROP coursework prepared you to achieve this. *
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#21 - Which specialty award, if any, has your ROP instructor or Career Guidance Specialist nominated you? *
The last question is only for students who have been nominated for a specialty award.
#22 - If you were nominated for a specialty award, how do you exemplify the description criteria as listed in #21 and on your nomination letter? (500 word minimum)
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