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Bench Staff Application: All Positions
Please Note: This application is for all positions on a Bench Staff, including Jr. Coaches. The information collected by the LMRL DOC is for Coach development, having the NCCP number on file for Ringette BC & to ensure that coaching courses are readily available at our League level so that we are supporting our League Coaches and Bench staff. Your application will be forwarded to your Associations DOC for review. The LMRL DOC is not making coach selections for your association.
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What are your short term goals 1-3 years in coaching. This is to help us "coach developers" better understand the needs of our coaches. *
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Ringette and or other sports: Please list the date to - from: Position you held on the Bench: Sport & age division. Last 5 years.
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Coaching Objectives: What do you hope to get out of this season for you and your team
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Coaching Philosophy
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Please Provide a Reference of a past bench staff member, parent and a personal.
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How would you like your Association and the League to support you and your team this season?
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