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Holliston PTO Grant Application 2018-19

All requests will be evaluated in conjunction with the PTO Mission: The Holliston PTO, through our dedication and commitment, will serve as advocates for parents, teachers and students. As advocates, we will provide:
- Enrichment opportunities for intellectual, social, ethical and emotional growth
- Educational experiences to benefit the well being of children and youth

It is the expectation of the Holliston PTO that all grant requests benefit the greatest number of students within a school facility or program. Our Grant budget is lower than usual this year, so all grant requests will be capped at $500. Where appropriate, requests should be coordinated through department heads, curriculum coordinators, grade leaders, and media center directors. This allows for continuity within grades and departments, as well as compatibility with existing programs and realization of need. Requests for technology enhancements are discouraged. Please only request them if they will help a large number of students.

The PTO will not fund salaried positions, window and floor coverings, stationery, office equipment, maintenance agreements, and furniture. All items/programs purchased and funds appropriated to you on behalf of the grant request are the property of the Holliston Public Schools and not of the grant recipient.

Good luck!

This application must be completed and submitted online. If you have attachments to support your request, you will be given the opportunity to upload files to include with this grant application.
Grant Requests due by Friday, February 22, 2019. Award Letters will be presented the week of March 4, 2019.
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Have you submitted this request or received partial funding of this request from any other organization? If yes, please include details.
Have you requested the same item(s) to PTO in the past? If yes, indicate date of previous request.
All teacher requests MUST be approved by Department Chair or appropriate supervisor in advance of submitting this request. Please fill in name of Department Chair and date of approval. *
Please make sure you have uploaded attachments (if any) and have had your request reviewed and approved by Department Chair before clicking on the Submit button below. Thank you.
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