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Zim Code 2018 Tutors Signup
This is the signup form for Zim Code tutors for our Introduction to Programming Summer Program.
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On a scale of 0 to 5, how good are you at Python? *
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Have you ever had a job/position that required you to do any form of tutoring/teaching? *
If you are a university student, when will your current semester end (estimate if you are not sure of the exact date)?
Will you be available to attend the Zim Code Tutor's Training (which will likely run from May 22 to May 27)? *
*Read carefully: This year, tutoring will consist of 6 individual lessons per week for 12 weeks (72 lessons total). Every individual school will have 2 lessons per week, one on a week day and one on Saturday. WEEKDAY LESSONS: Tutors are expected to arrive at 1.00pm to set up laptops and recording equipment. At 1.30pm-2.30pm, Tutors will have "lab time" where they will be assisting students with homework and general questions. The actual lesson will run from 2.30-5.00pm. Lessons will occur on M,T,W or Thur, depending on the days students are comfortable with. SATURDAY LESSONS: The 3 lessons will be at 8.30-11.00am, 11.30am-2.00pm & 2.30-5.00pm. There is no lab time on Saturday. ~ There will be 3 - 4 tutors for EVERY lesson, i.e. 1 main instructor and 2-3 teaching assistants. Every lesson will be video recorded. ~ EVERY TUTOR IS REQUIRED TO SIGN UP FOR A MINIMUM OF 1 LESSON PER WEEK. Are you able to make such a commitment for the entire duration of the 12 week course? *
Generally, are you able to Tutor on a Saturday? *
Do you have any personal, family, religious or work restrictions on Saturday?
Will you require transportation funds to travel to and from the Zim Code office (Cnr Jason Moyo and 9th Avenue)? *
On average, how much time are you willing to set aside for all Zim Code business, per week? *
Will you have any other serious commitments during the time period when you will be a tutor (i.e. job, internship, lessons etc)? *
Anything else you want to add on or you think we should know?
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