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TEMTB Trail Maintenance Submission Form
This form is used to submit all hours worked by TEMTB Team members, family and friends towards our trails and parks in our area. Riders participating in the TEMTB Adventure/Race Program are required to do 6 hours of trail maintenance to participate in our program. These hours must be achieved before September 2nd to continue in the program.
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All Trail work must be documented with photos
Here are the methods for documenting your work..

Instagram (Social Media Hashtags): #PAmtb #PICLTTC #NICA #TeenTrailCorps #TEMTBTTC

OR Upload your photos to our shared Google Photo Space. Here is the link:

Did you tag any photo with hashtags? What were the hashtags? (If no please state "None") *
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Please share any additional information here that we may want to know or that would be helpful for us to pass along to other volunteers that may want to work at this location.
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Thank you for doing you part and ensuring long-term access to mountain bike trails in Pennsylvania! - TEMTB Coaches
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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