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European Media Seminar 2018
The European Media Seminar 2018 is organised by the multilingual online magazine,,,,, El Nuevo Federalista, and Kurier Europejski together with JEF-Germany, JE-France and YEM UK.

The European Media Seminar 2018 and are projects by Junge Europäische Föderalisten Deutschland e.V. The seminar is co-funded by the On-y-va programme of the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Who can participate and how?

Group 1: If you are already an editor or a regular author at one of our magazines, please fill in the registration form. If you are an author but not part of one of the editors teams please provide some information about your articles to our web magazines or other journalistic experiences.

Group 2: If you are not yet an author of one of our magazines, you can nevertheless apply for taking part. Please fill in the registration form and provide information about your journalistic background and motivation to take part.

Group 3: Winners of our essay contest will be invited to participate. As an additional benefit they will not have to pay the fee for participation of 20 Euro.

Each participant pays a 20 euro accfommodation fee in cash after receiving the official letter of acceptance by us.

We are offering a 120 euro travel reimbursement.

People who win our essay contest (, will be exempted of the participation fee. You chances for being selected as a seminar participant are better, if you participate in our essay contest ( For more information go to our website:

Please do not book your train or plane tickets before receiving the official letter of acceptance from us.

Email will be our primary means of communication with you. To prevent miscommunication make sure that a) your address is correct and b) that you configure your spam filter to accept emails by our domain (,

The final deadline for submitting your application is February 28.

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The seminar is aimed at youth aged 18-26. Exceptions are possible, but have to well-founded. If you are older, please enter some additional information about your journalistic experience.
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You will be accomodated in gender-seperated shared rooms (four persons max).
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Please help us manage the overall budget. Travel cost will be reimbursed based on actual costs (tickets required as proof) up to a maximum of 120€. You'll have to send in your travel reimbursement forms with the original tickets (signed by you, if a print of an electronic ticket) by physical mail no later than two weeks after the seminar to JEF Germanys office at Sophienstraße 28/29, 10245 Berlin
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