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Important activity that ALL high school driver education teachers need to do for the IHSCDEA for grants received from State Farm Insurance™
Members of IHSCDEA needs to help its current leadership with meeting one of the requirements for current grants which we receive from State Farm. All IHSCDEA members need to report information to Judy Weber-Jones,, or Dale O. Ritzel,, any and all events/classroom presentations/community activity/media event/information on school newsletter and Web page/etc. where State Farm Agents have been involved in your local high school and/or driver education program. Also State Farm would like to know how our members are using/interacting with State Farm Agents in their local traffic safety/driver education events. We have to make a report to State Farm at the beginning of every month. An example of a community event is the Williamson County Traffic Safety Days that is held in Marion during March or April each year. This event was co-sponsored by State Farm and State Farm Agents were at the event. There were 28 public schools, some 40 driver education teachers, and 1400+ driver education students involved in this event.

If you have a State Farm Agent talk to your driver education classes either live or virtually, then we would like this information too. If you need to make contact with a local State Farm Agent, please go to this Web site to locate an agent in your community - . State Farm Agents have many different topics (particularly insurance) that they can speak about in your classes. Please report the following information to Judy Weber-Jones, or Dale O. Ritzel via as soon as possible after each event/activity
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