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About the Training
This seminar provides detailed skills and techniques on how the Adizes Symbergetic™ Methodology can be applied through the Program for Organizational Transformation in the decision-making process.

As organizations succeed, work grows in scope and complexity. This calls for leaders who understand how individual problems interrelate with other problems and opportunities within an organization, and how to solve them holistically. This workshop is specifically designed to address the process of managing collaborative teams where mutual trust, respect, and the ability to constructively harness conflict are the norm. Many of the concepts can also be applied to individual decision-making and communication.
Concepts to be examined include:
  1. How to differentiate between the causes, symptoms and manifestations of a problem and develop the correct strategy for addressing them in order to solve the problem holistically.
  2. How to identify which decisions should be made by an individual and which decisions should be made by a team.
  3. How to identify who needs to be involved in a problem solving team in order to assure effective implementation.
  4. How to identify different sources of conflict in a problem solving team as they come up, and how to make the sources of conflict constructive.
  5. How to integrate a team through the decision making process, so that all members are excited about and support the solution.
  6. How to allow for participative management without undermining management’s authority.
Who should attend this seminar…
This workshop is especially valuable for key executives, corporate leaders, and individuals seeking insight into how to successfully manage change in the public, private, and governmental sectors. Participants aim to be change leaders who seek unifying constructs that can influence their organizations, communities, and individual lives in positive ways.
Leading Highly Effective Teams Symbergetically
utilizes lectures, videos, group discussions, and team decision-making simulations to facilitate learning. Participants are encouraged to bring a list of problems and opportunities from their real lives so that the tools, skills, and techniques are applied to real-world situations, and can be illustrated in a way that is directly meaningful to participants.

The seminar is very intense and provides an enormous amount of useful and insightful information that is readily applicable upon completion of the workshop. It is very important for participants to be fully available for the entire duration of the seminar.
Homework will be given and participants are expected to study beyond the time limits of seminar sessions.

PREREQUISITE: Participants must have attended a previous seminar on Adizes Theory, and be able to demonstrate their knowledge by passing exams on “The Roles and Styles of Management” and “Mastering Change.”
6-week Preparation Program
In preparation for the training, students have to complete a 6-week preparation program and take and pass two pre-qualification exams. Each preparation week will require 4 hours of reading, watching instructional videos, and taking quizzes.
This training requires an investment of $6,150 USD.
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