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Parkside PTA Volunteer Interest
Parkside PTA functions solely on parent involvement.  We welcome you to explore the ways we are thinking about enhancing the educational experience for you, your students, and our teachers.
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Add me to the list!  Please check the box below to be notified of ongoing opportunities to help our school community.  These may be last minute calls for help or some planned activities that need a little additional assistance.  To be specific about what you'd like to help with, see the selections below.
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We have divided our activities into sections (Academic, Student, Fundraising, and Community).  Please read a short description of each and check all activities that you are interested in helping us with.  Volunteering a little of your time provides tremendous enhancement to our school community.  We can only offer these programs if we have parent support.
Academic Affairs includes learning experiences offered to students sponsored by the PTA during the school day, as well as a few special events.  Below is a list of programs we are considering.  Please select all that you are interested in helping us with.
Student Affairs include activities offered during the school day or after school that are sponsored by the PTA.  Please select all the programs where you are interested to help.
We must raise funds to offer programs to our students and teachers.  Fundraising programs are mostly "packaged", and do not need a tremendous amount of time.  Duties vary based on each fundraising venture.  We are considering the programs listed below.  Please select all that you are interested in helping us with.
Programs in Community Affairs include the following for parents, students, and teachers.  We are a school community, so how we mingle is important.  Please select below from the list where you are interested in helping.
Have a suggestion?  Add it here!  What would you like to see us offer?  Whatever we offer, we must fund it and facilitate with volunteers.  Indicate if you'd like to help realize your idea.
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