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Backyard Camp 2019 Interest Form!
Hello! As we look to expand our offerings for this summer- please take a moment to help us out with some valuable input!!

Twin Cities Adventure Play offers age-crafted play programming for little kids, big kids, teens and adults.
We provide wellness through play for the whole family.

Backyard Camp (ages 3-12) is an unadulterated child-led space where kiddos choose their own adventures; building, creating new worlds, and making up games using an abundance of loose parts, our lovely tree house, and all the surrounding nature. Under close observation of the Playworkers on site, kids will check on the garden, play in the sprinkler, and maybe take a rocket to space all while building relationships and practicing important life skills.

*Kids will have access to tools. Hammers, nails, and even saws for those who are able.
All of this is supervised and in a controlled area.

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We all know other families who'd be interested in this magical experience! Please share their email addresses below- BE SURE TO ASK THEM FIRST :) I will only offer them more information on our programs.
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