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WY-ALT 1% Cap Survey (Parent/Guardian)
WDE is gathering information on how IEP teams are determining if a student meets the criteria to take the WY-ALT/ACCESS-ALT or the WY-TOPP/ACCESS with accomadations. Please take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete this survey. The information collected will be used to make determinations for further guidance to districts.

This survey will close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Email address *
Do you have a child that takes an alternate assessment? (check all that apply) *
How many years have you been an active member of an IEP team(s)? *
In which grade(s) do you have children who are currently on an IEP? *
What is your understanding of the 1% Cap? *
Not at all familiar
Very familiar
Are you familiar with the Wyoming Extended Standards? *
Is the WY-ALT Participation Criteria being used in the IEP team meeting? *
Does the IEP team meet annually to discuss which type of assessment your child will take? *
In the IEP Team meeting, what is discussed when determining if your child should take the WY-ALT/ ACCESS-ALT assessment?
What makes it difficult to determine which assessment your child should take? (WY-TOPP/ ACCESS or WY-ALT/ ACCESS-ALT)
What type of information would you find helpful from WDE for determining whether your child should take the WY-TOPP/ ACCESS or WY-ALT/ ACCESS-ALT?
Would you be interested in being a member of future committee work?
If so, please provide your contact information. (name, phone #, and/or email)
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