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Environmental Attitudes Survey
Hi there! My name is Rachel and I'm an Environmental Studies major at the University of Washington. I am currently conducting research to identify trends between demographic factors, attitudes about the environment, and participation in the legislative process. As part of this research, I am conducting an environmental attitudes survey. Please note that all responses will remain anonymous. Your participation and honesty are greatly appreciated!
If you have questions, feel free to contact me at
Do you consider yourself an advocate for the environment?
Not at all
Which of the following environmental issues are you aware of?
Of the issues you're familiar with, which do you find concerning?
Have you ever felt personally impacted by any of the above environmental issues? If so, please describe your experience:
Your answer
If you responded to the above question, to what degree do you think that experience shaped your perspective on the environment?
Not at all
Very much
Which of the following do you do on a regular basis?
Which of the following have you done in response to concern over an environmental issue?
Which of the following would you consider doing in response to your concern over an environmental issue?
Please provide your zip code:
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Please select your age range:
Please select your gender identity(ies):
Please select your current level of education:
How do you identify yourself?
Please select your annual household income:
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