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Bioscience Student Application
This application and all supporting materials are due on or before January 27, 2019. Please contact Jennifer Stanfill, Director of Choice Programs at or (314) 415-8450 with any questions.

Program Description:

Want to learn more about living organisms through regular interactions with academic and business experts and trips to local institutions? Try out Spark! Bioscience. This program provides students with a passion for the biological sciences the opportunity to work with experts in the field. If your interests lie with the micro or macro, with plants, animals, or humans, this experience will provide opportunities for research, inquiry, and project based learning.

Spark! Bioscience is located at BRDG Park.

Dual credit is available through St. Louis Community College.

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Students accepted into the Spark! Program will receive a professional, magnetic name badge to wear to professional events. Please type the first and last name you would like printed on your name badge. *
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I am applying for Spark! Bioscience. I have discussed the program with my parents/guardians and they have indicated their permission for me to be considered for this program. I understand that I will comply with business ethics (e.g., attendance, dress codes). I also understand that the industry professionals and high school team members depend on my commitment to Spark! Bioscience; therefore, I commit to the program for the year. *
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