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Designers Available: Seeking Designers
Are involved with a grassroots, non-profit, or community organization that could benefit from the volunteer support of a designer? Designers Available connects nonprofits and grassroots organizations with designers to collaborate on pro bono projects in service of your social justice work. You can learn more about us here:

Please submit your information below to be considered for inclusion on a listing that will be available to our members who will contact you with their interest to collaborate. Please note that it can take about two weeks to kick-off a project and at least three weeks to complete, no matter the scale. While our major projects are facilitated by a project manager who helps set up a timeline, define a work agreement, and keep a project within scope, projects shared in our listing are self-supported.

Please get in touch at with any questions. We'd love to hear from you. D/A is a volunteer-run organization and we appreciate your patience.

Designers Available is a volunteer-based organization. It might take up to one month for your request to be included in a listing and an additional two weeks to be matched with a designer. *
Designers Available is intended to serve organizations who don't have access to design because of limited budgets and resources. Our partners do not have dedicated communications staff members or designers. Please describe below your need for pro bono services. *
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