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Accreditation Parent Survey
Everyone in the school community- administrator(s), faculty, staff, students and parents/guardians- knows and understands the school's mission.
Our school mission expresses a clear commitment to Catholic Identity.
Teachers help students think critically and ethically about the world around them.
Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in service activities for social justice.
Administrators, faculty, and staff serve as role models of faith and service for students.
Catholic symbols are visible in our school.
Our school helps parents/guardians support the faith life of their children.
Prayer is a regular part of the daily school life.
Various forms of prayer, spiritual practice and liturgy are available for the school community on a regular basis.
Parents are valued as primary educators of their children.
Our school administration effectively carries out its responsibilities in the area of faith formation.
Our school and grounds are clean and well maintained.
Our school has a curriculum infused with Gospel values that prepares students for life and work.
In our classrooms, students spend most of the time solving problems, discussing ideas, creating their own work, reading, writing, speaking and researching.
Teachers use effective instruction to deliver the curriculum.
Teachers use different approaches to meet the diverse needs of all students.
Our school provides enriching programs for students that develop the whole child.
The education offered to students at our school is of high quality.
The curriculum at our school is based on clearly defined learning standards.
Students see relationships between what they are studying and their everyday lives.
Teachers hold high expectations for student learning.
Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies and activities to help students think critically and problem solve.
Teachers challenge my student to do his/her best work.
Students are motivated to do their best work.
Our school provides an academically rigorous Catholic religion program, caught by qualified teachers.
Our School uses standardized and teacher developed assessments to document student learning and report outcomes to parents/guardians.
In addition to written tests, students are provided with a variety of ways to show their learning (projects, presentations, portfolios).
Our school provides teaching materials and supplies that are current and in good condition.
Teachers give students extra help in class when it is needed.
Teachers are willing to give students individual help outside of class time.
Up-to-date computers and other technologies are used in our school to help students learn.
Assessments of students reflects Catholic values.
Our school is committed to continuous improvement focused on student learning.
Teachers vary the types of assessments they use to monitor individual and class-wide student learning.
Staff at our school displays a caring attitude toward all students.
All students and staff at our school are treated with respect.
Students are respectful of school and community property.
Adequate security measures are in place at our school.
Problems with bullying are addressed appropriately.
School discipline is appropriate and maintained at our school.
Family members are welcome in our school.
For the most part, I am satisfied with our school.
School rules apply equally to all students.
Our school provides a safe and orderly environment for learning.
Our school communicates the progress of my student clearly in light of curricular standards.
Our school provides opportunities for parents/guardians to be involved in the education of their children.
School rules are clearly communicated to parents/guardians.
Our school uses technology to provide parents with information about our students and school.
School rules are clearly communicated to students.
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