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2019 Nebula Conference call for programming
We are looking for panels and solo presentations geared toward working professional science-fiction and fantasy authors. To submit your proposal, please fill out the form below. The programming committee will use your application to evaluate your panel, so please take the time to make sure your application is as clear as possible

This application registers your request to host a panel or presentation at the 2019 Nebula Conference, but does not guarantee you a programming slot.

If you have a request for a topic you would like to see to covered, but do not wish to present yourself, please use the "Topic Suggestion" form instead of this one. (

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The Nebula Conference is designed to foster professional development of writers, editors and agents. As such, it structured so that program items in three basic categories.

* Expertise - An expert does a solo presentation on their area of specialty.
* Career management - These are workshops and panels designed to help with the business of side of SFF literature.
* Professional craft development - These are solo presentations or panels that drill into specific areas of craft at a deep level.

Which category best fits your program item?
Which of our members would benefit from your program item?
Note: It's okay to have something that is targeted at one group. It's also okay to pick multiples.
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The application requires at least one confirmed speaker to be considered. For panels, we recommend one moderator with two to four additional speakers. At the Nebulas, we encourage participant moderators and a conversational format rather than an interview structure. Please note that all speakers are responsible for their own expenses, including membership at the SFWA Nebula Conference.

If submitting a solo presentation, simply write "solo."

Please list any confirmed speakers and their role.
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