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Any children in the house?  If yes, please list ages *
Do you currently have a pig(s)?  If so, how old? *
Have you ever had a pig in the past?  If yes, what happened to him/her? *
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Will your pig(s) be primarily inside, outside, or inside/outside? *
Will your pig(s) be required to use steps to get in and out of house or shelter? If so, how many steps? *
Where will the pig(s) be when no one is home?  What amount of time will the pig(s) be alone each day? *
What type of shelter do you have for your pig(s)? *
Is there a heat source in the shelter for cold weather? *
Do you have a current vet?  If so, please list name and number *
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Do you know if this vet sees pigs?  If not, do you have a vet that does see pigs? Who? *
Are your other animals spayed/neutered?  If not please explain who and why. *
Do you understand that pigs and dogs cannot be left alone together?  They must always be supervised? *
Do you understand that a mini pig will be between 80-150+lbs when full grown at age 5? *
Would there be any circumstances in which you would rehome your animal(s)?  Please explain. *
Would you consent to a home check to verify the setup for the pig(s)? *
Do you have any questions or concerns about adopting and caring for a mini pig?  If yes, please explain. *
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