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OpenGLAM Principles survey
Through this simple survey we want to check the current status, timeliness and accuracy of the Open GLAM Principles, an initiative developed in 2010 by Open Knowledge International and then supported by several organizations working around Open GLAM.

If you don't know what the Open GLAM Principles are you can read about them here:

This survey will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to answer and will be open until 16th November.

Before taking this survey were you aware of the Open GLAM Principles? *
Have you used the Open GLAM Principles? *
For example, have you ever used them when talking to a cultural institution to encourage them to go open? Or when trying to do an Open Access Policy for a GLAM institution? Or as a way to explain someone what Open GLAM is about?
Do you think the Open GLAM Principles provide a useful framework for your work or that they could be an useful resource? *
Why do you find the GLAM principles useful or not useful for your work?
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Do you think the principles need to be updated? *
If you answered "yes" or "maybe", what do you think should be some of the changes?
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Do you have any other questions or thoughts around OpenGLAM or the OpenGLAM principles?
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How are you involved in the GLAM space?
Please choose all that apply.
What country or region do you come from?
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