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Bootcamp Survey
Would you say your relationship with God is interactive (you interact with him and he interacts back) ? *
Would you say you experience all God has for you? (or do you feel like there’s more your missing out on) *
On average how much time per week do you spend in intentional time with God on your own (not at church or in a bible study)? *
How often do you read your Bible, when not at church or at a bible study?
How do you find what you will read? Check all that apply
Do you feel like you hear from God (or sense the Spirit prompting you)?
Do you worship God with song (outside of church) ?
Do you worship God through scripture?
How else do you worship God?
Your answer
What does prayer look like in your life? Check all that apply
Do you experience the freedom of Gospel?
Do you feel you can clearly articulate the Gospel
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