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Contact Your Legislators
Talking points are provided below, but please customize the message to increase your impact. If you have a personal story about wolves, we encourage you to share !  Visit the links on our website to find more science and facts about why wolf hunting is wrong for Wisconsin Hunters.
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Talking Points
Contact Your Government Officials. Let them know you are a hunter who opposes this fall's wolf hunt.

1. Governor Tony Evers:

2. Preston Cole, Secretary of the WI DNR: (608) 267-7556 /

3. Josh Kaul, Attorney General: (608) 266-1221 /

4. Senator Tammy Baldwin: (202) 224-5653 /

5. Your Congressman/Congresswomen:

6. USFWS: 920-866-1717 /

Here are some talking points to consider when drafting your email messages and phone calls:

They pushed the February hunt through in record time with minimal time for public input (48 hours notice). The comments they did receive were overwhelmingly against the hunt. How democratic is this process? Why are the WBHA and outside ALEC hunting organizations making decisions for Wisconsin Hunters?

This mismanagement could see wolves relisted under the Endangered Species Act. If we want to retain state management, then Wisconsin should listen to real hunters and conservationists.

The February hunt went over double the quota. That's this falls hunt already. Wait until a new, current and scientific management plan exists before the next hunt.. Recommend a zero quota.

We’ve never had a February hunt before— and the NRB is planning for a November hunt. Why the last minute rush?

A hunt in late February had detrimental effects to the wolf breeding process, pregnant females and wolf pups. Ethics aside, the DNR admitted they have no idea how the wolf population will be affected by this hunt. Where’s the science?

Native Tribes believe Ma’iingan (the wolf) is their brother and what happens to one of them happens to the other. They are legally entitled to 100 of the tags, which they do not plan to fill. What happened to their sovereign rights under the Voigt treaty?

The DNR is blatantly ignoring Wisconsin law by allowing the night killing of wolves, a decision that was slipped in with zero public input right before the hunt opened this week. The 2013 Act 20 Section 561 specifically repeals the provision that allowed for the night hunting of wolves.

Wolves can be baited, run down by packs of hounds, trapped in snares, and shot at night with heat sensing scopes. What if we replaced “wolf” with “deer”…..would this same reckless and aggressive approach be tolerated?
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