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2018 - 2019 New Muff-A-Lotta Membership Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Muff-A-Lottas! We are looking forward to an exciting 2018-2019 season, which will begin in late June with New Member Orientation. Before completing your application, please review the information below, which details the history, cost, time commitment and general expectations of The Muff-A-Lottas.

Our History
This Troupe began in 2009 with a fabulous group of ladies who love New Orleans and celebrating this beautiful city. The theme of our organization is retro diner waitresses that shimmy and perform to music with a connection to New Orleans. We are a social organization that strives to promote sisterhood and also loves to dance down St. Charles Avenue (or wherever the parade of the day may be).

General Information
During the annual Muff-A-Lotta season, the Troupe meets every Tuesday night. We also host a variety of “Boot Camps” to practice our dances in forward motion. We participate in many events throughout the annual Muff-A-Lotta season such as parades, second lines, performing on stage, and assisting in charitable events. Attendance is taken at all meetings, boot camps, and events. All members are highly encouraged to attend ALL meetings and must have 50% of participation through the year. All Muff-A-Lottas are required to pay annual dues ($350) that are used to purchase costume components, craft supplies, troupe insurance, maintain our support vehicle and sound equipment, and any other troupe-related expenses throughout the season. Please note that certain costume items must be purchased individually and are not covered by dues.

Application Process
If you are interested in becoming a Muff-A-Lotta, please complete the form below and submit it by May 29th, 2018. Space in the group is limited, so if you do not get in this season, we encourage you to register as a bun-warmer (support staff member) in the form below! Bun-warming is a great entry point into the group, and it is the way that most of our Muff-A-Lotta sisters became active shimmy sisters. All new members will be notified of their acceptance into the group via email by June 12th.

One Final Note About Being A Muff-A-Lotta
Dancing six miles during Mardi Gras is alotta work! We get tired, our feet ache, and we have to keep smiling anyway. Can you comfortably commit to completing a variety of events and parades...even if it rains the whole way or if you get tired by the time we hit Lee Circle? Consider your current lifestyle, workload and prior commitments before joining. We want to welcome as many new faces as we can, so we want you to be realistic about your ability to commit to a group that practices weekly and performs roughly 20-28 times during a 9-month season. Our goal is to have you shimmy with us as often as you reasonably can!

In Shimmy Sisterhood,

The Hot Plates

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