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Title 1 Spring Parent Survey 2019
My child (children) is in what grade? Mark all that apply. *
At which grade level do you believe children benefit most from additional instruction? *
Are you aware of how children are selected to participate in the additional reading services? *
Are you aware of how the Title 1 program is funded and that you may review the budget? *
If your child was to receive additional Title 1 services, which form of instruction would you believe to be the best? *
Does your child have problems getting his/her homework done? *
Do you feel after-school tutoring is helpful or would be helpful to your child? *
During parent teacher conference were you able to meet with any Title 1 teachers? (Applicable to students receiving Tier III pullout) *
Did you attend the Title 1 annual meeting that was held during the first activity night? *
Did you attend any of the family events this year? *
Have you visited the Title 1 link on the Appleton City School website? *
All students in grades K-3 received reading services based upon a 3-Tier program connected to Pathways to Reading which included 20 minutes of small group instruction in addition to the 60-90 minute reading block. If additional instruction was needed, students may have received an extra 20-30 minutes through Title I Tier III pull-out service. Do you think your child has benefited this year from participation in the Pathways to Reading Tier Program? *
Would you like more information about the Pathways to Reading Program? *
All students in grades K-5 receive mathematics instruction using Envision Math program which included a 60 minute math block. A 20 minute math pull out review time was available for students identified as needing additional support. Do you think your child benefited from participation in the core classroom math program? *
If your child received the additional pull-out review time was it a benefit? *
Additional Comments or Suggestions for the Title 1
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