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Application for KOICA INNO-Partners for INNO-Lab
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1. First Name *
2. Last Name *
3. Gender *
4. Email address *
5. Telephone number *
6. Home country *
7. Current residence *
8. Current affiliation *
9. Full Name of affiliation with occupation *
10. Major or field of your work *
11. What UN SDGs are you most passionate about and do you have expertise in? (Choose 3 goals) *
You may find more about UN Sustainable Development Goals here:
12. Briefly introduce your expertise or experiences for the startups which aims to work in your home country. (2-4 sentences) *
13. Years of relevant experiences *
14. Please send your CV to <> *
Please send your CV with the same Email address above(Question 4). The subject line and filename: 'Application for INNO-Partners_First name_Last name'
Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information
For the purpose of managing the challenge, the hosting/organizing institutions (KOICA INNOPORT, The Bridge International, MYSC) may collect and use your personal information.

a. Any information used for identifying individuals that is acquired by Merry Year Social Company (MYSC) and The Bridge International will be stored, used and/or analyzed only within the scope of KOICA activities, and in accordance with KOICA policy and regulations.
- Personal Information Collected: name, date of birth, sex, nationality, contact information, employment status, career background
- Purpose: implementation and promotion of the KOICA INNOPORT Program, identification of participants, record keeping, supporting KOICA INNOPORT Alumni activities, and strengthening the partnership between Korea and Partner Countries
- Retention Period: permanent
b. MYSC and The Bridge International reserves the right to use all the documents or products produced by participants for the purpose of the INNOPORT Program (e.g. country report, review report, records of consulting etc.) including their duplication, translation, distribution, and/or posting on websites (KOICA website and/or other websites related to Korean ODA).
c. MYSC and The Bridge International takes measures required to prevent leakage, loss, or destruction of acquired information.
d. If you do not approve of the above conditions, you may also refuse to agree. However, please be informed that there may be limitations to your participation to the KOICA INNOPORT Program if you do not agree with the above conditions.
Click below to indicate that you have read and agree to the Collection and Use of Personal Information *
*Applicants may refuse the collection and use of their personal information. However, applying process can be continued only when the applicant agrees to the above conditions.
Do you agree to apply for the INNO-Partner Pool? Upon selection, INNOPORT may inform/contact you for additional opportunities for consulting, mentoring Korean startups. *
Consent to the use of photography/recording materials *
Participant agrees to provide a third party (Korea International Cooperation Agency) rights to use recordings of  participants' conversations and parts of their faces and bodies in photographs and videos during the program, to facilitate the overall training process and produce promotional materials. In case of not accepting the terms, you may be restricted from participating in the program.
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