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Enterprise Angels Membership Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Enterprise Angels member. We are an incorporated society of members, supported by a professional management team and as such, we provide a unique model of early stage investing in New Zealand. We regard our model as ‘best practice’ for investing in early stage companies – efficient processes and rigorous due diligence to mitigate investor risk.

We believe that our members, backed by our team, add real value as well as capital to our portfolio companies.

You can become one of our valued members in 2 simple steps:

1. Complete this online application

2. Have a quick meeting (online or in person) with one of our Board Members or experienced investors so they can approve your application at the next board meeting

Then we will notify you when you are all set to start your journey as an Enterprise Angels member.

Note: You will need to provide an executed EA Nominee Deed and Wholesale Certificate before your first investment (and complete a Client Agreement if you have not yet provided one)
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Our purpose
To support economic and business development, primarily in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato, by encouraging and promoting investment in businesses.

To promote a positive attitude to investment in businesses.

To develop a pool of business investors with a wide range of investment objectives, skills and experience across all stages of business investment and to encourage all such investors to become Members of the Society.

To advocate on behalf of such business investors within the wider interests of business and economic development.

To provide an opportunity for business investors to meet and interact with potential co-business investors with the objective of leveraging the scope and scale of business investments.

To provide opportunities for Members to develop their business investment skills and experience through networking, training, education and interaction.

To facilitate business investment opportunities by acting as a focal point for businesses seeking investment funding.

To provide an opportunity and forum for businesses to present business investment opportunities to potential business investors and to interact on associated issues.

To promote standards of professional behaviour and conduct with regard to business investment.

To promote and foster good relations and cooperation between Members for their mutual benefit.

To manage and invest any society funds effectively.
Benefits - what you can expect
The following benefits are offered to you in exchange for your membership obligations listed further below:

Workshops (including a new member induction sessions) covering early stage investing topics such as due diligence, term sheets, building your investment portfolios, case studies, and valuation, often presented by successful visiting international Angel investors.

Opportunity to attend a minimum of 6 EA Member meetings per year where you can learn from and network with like-minded members.

Networking opportunities with some of the most successful business people and investors in the region and NZ wide.

Opportunities to actively engage with entrepreneurs and investment opportunities through mentoring and participating in due diligence.

Priority access to investment opportunities sourced and screened by the experienced and successful EA investment team, and presented to you directly by the entrepreneurs.

Priority access to Early Stage Fund investment opportunities - the key to overall investment success.

Access to all deal information and participate in due diligence.

Opportunity to mitigate investment risk by investing with EA members experienced in early stage investing and with industry expertise.

Opportunities to take up an Investor Rep position to facilitate the relationship between our EA portfolio companies, EA and EA Investors.

Regular updates on EA portfolio companies and opportunities to participate in (follow-on) investing.

Follow-up meetings where you can discuss each deal more fully with the entrepreneur.

EA Team support and guidance through the due diligence process, term sheet negotiation, valuation, co-opting expert assistance, and arranging and hosting meetings with the target company/entrepreneur.

Access to the full Due Diligence reports on each deal.

Opportunities to take up board directorships in portfolio companies.
Responsibilities – What we expect
In order to maintain your membership, EA requires that you be an active member:

Prompt payment of your membership fee (currently $450+GST per year, renewing automatically on an annual basis)

Attending a half day Angel 101 workshop within the first 12 months of joining

Attending EA Member meetings regularly and attending follow-up meetings with portfolio companies

Investing in at least one opportunity within your first year of membership.

Engaging in building a diversified portfolio of investments through direct investing and participation in the EA Fund

Volunteering / making yourself available to assist with:

- Mentoring aspiring entreprenuers

- Due diligence

- Screening of portfolio companies

- Mentoring aspiring portfolio companies

- Taking on a lead investor role at least once during membership
Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
In order to by an Enterprise Angels member you must certify that you qualify as a Wholesale Investor under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and understand the risks involved in early stage investing.

You must provide a current Wholesale Investor Certificate before your first investment with Enterprise Angels and this must be updated every two years in order to continue to invest in new deals.

If you qualify as an Eligible Investor you will need a NZ accountant, lawyer or financial advisor who can verify your wholesale status, and will sign your Wholesale Investor Statement.
Do you qualify as a Wholesale Investor according the the FMCA 2013? *
Do you have an NZ accountant, lawyer or financial advisor who can verify your wholesale status, and will sign your Wholesale Investor Statement if you qualify under the Eligible category? *
If you have not already completed a Client Agreement for your investing entity with Enterprise Angels, you will need to do so prior to your first investment. To get a head start on this, please download from below, execute and return to with supporting documents:

Client Agreement for Individuals and informal partnerships or groups -

Note: If you intend to invest via a Trust or other legal Entity, the Client Agreement requires you to and provide proof of ID and Address for your Legal Entity and all natural persons with the authority to act on behalf of the Legal Entity - full requirements are detailed here -

Client Agreement for Trusts -

Client Agreement for Other Legal Entities -

If you choose to complete this at a later stage you can find the forms on our website.
Most Enterprise Angels members make investments through EA Nominee Ltd, our bare trustee. EA Nominee offers a number of benefits including, flexible investment (minimum $10K comprising $5K initial and the remainder for follow-on rounds), the ability to communicate commitments and responses to us via email rather than signing individual agreements.

You must provide an executed Investor Deed before your first investment with Enterprise Angels.
Name of your investing entity *
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