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**Applications are due by March 29, 2019 to be considered for the 2019 plantings.**
Sewage and urban runoff are polluting Detroit’s rivers. We invite you to help prevent this pollution by putting Rain Gardens to the Rescue!
The Rain Gardens to the Rescue program is a series of 4 workshops and hands-on garden installations. The workshops are designed to teach you about rain gardens, their purpose and the steps to take to create a rain garden of your own. Garden installations provide an opportunity to educate your neighbors and family to do the same. Space is limited. Residents and institutions (i.e. libraries, activity centers, places of faith) are encouraged to apply to participate in the program. Ten applicants will receive garden supplies and installation support for their gardens.
Type of garden I want to plant (choose one):
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Garden Information
NOTE: The rain garden must be located in the front yard or a publicly visible spot in Detroit. Location preference will be given to the eastside of the city in 2019 in Council Districts 3 and 4.
Address of where rain garden will be planted (Include: City, State, Zip)
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Who owns the land where you want your garden?
If you do not own the land, are you able to get signed permission from the owner?
Who will maintain the garden for the next five years during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months?
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All gardens need to be planted in front of the structure (house or institutional building). Please explain the landscape where you are interested in planting a rain garden. Are the downspouts from your house connected to the sewer or do they empty into the lawn? Are there dips?
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Plantings will take place on the following dates. Please choose which date(s) you are available to plant your rain garden if selected (check all that apply): *
Please attach links to the photo(s) of the location, where you want the garden planted. (Photos may be emailed or texted. Contact Sierra Club at (313) 965-0055 to make those arrangements if needed.)
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At least ten volunteers are needed to help plant each garden. Volunteers may include your friends, family, and neighbors. Please list at least ten people you will invite to help with the planting of your garden if selected (contact information will not be shared, please include: name, phone and email ): *
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Why do you want to participate in this program?
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Please list any past or current volunteer or community work you have done, including name of organization (i.e. block club, faith group, etc.)
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Please describe your experience gardening or any other garden training you have received. Include any area of specialization (flowers, vegetables, season extension, etc.)
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Please describe your interests, hobbies, and any other activities you are involved with and/or have been in-volved with in the past (does not necessarily need to be garden-related).
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Please tell us anything else about yourself or your interests that you feel is relevant.
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Completed application will be received electronically by Sierra Club at 2727 Second Avenue, Suite 112, Detroit, MI 48201. Please contact Quentin Turner at if you have any problems.
Applications must be received by Friday, March 29.**
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