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A Comparative Study on the Implementation of ILO Fundamental Convention No. 111 in the Republic of Korea and the European Union
Stakeholder Questionnaire DEADLINE 31st March 2017
Dear Respondent,
Thank you for indicating your interest in this EU funded project, 'A comparative study on the implementation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Fundamental Convention No. 111' concerning discrimination in respect of employment and occupation in the Republic of Korea and the Member States of the EU.

For background information including the details of the ILO Convention No. 111 please refer to our project website here:

This project is funded by the European Union and is being implemented by DEVELOPMENT Solutions Europe Ltd.
Questionnaire instructions
This questionnaire has been prepared in order to provide the Project Team with information that will help establish priorities and focus areas for research on the implementation of Convention No. 111 in Korea and the EU. Your reply to this questionnaire is important and we thank you in advance for your contribution.

The questionnaire is designed to gather feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders. As such, please complete as much of the questionnaire as you can, but note that you do not have to reply to a question if you think that it is not relevant or not applicable to your situation.

When possible, we would appreciate receiving responses that describe specific cases and circumstances, substantiated, if possible, by data. If you would like to provide any supporting documentation, please forward it to us at

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Q1. What first comes to mind when you think about discrimination in the workplace, or in hiring or promoting?
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Q2. Are you aware of the contents of the ILO Fundamental Convention No.111?
Q3. From the following list of grounds for discrimination, which can occur in the workplace, please tick the top five issues in your country, from your perspective or that of your organisation.
The top listed categories are specifically named in the ILO Convention No. 111, while the others are issues which can emerge.
Issue 1 (of highest importance)
If you think other grounds not listed here are important please add them to the top five in "Other". Please leave unranked issues of limited or little importance.
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Issue 2
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Issue 3
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Issue 4
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Issue 5
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Q4. For the top five grounds of discrimination identified as important in your country, estimate on a scale from 1 to 10 the current state of actions to deter discriminatory practices and to ensure equal treatment (with 1 indicating low level of action and 10 a high level of action)?
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Q5. Taking the five most important grounds of discrimination identified, please indicate the statements that most closely describes the country situation in your or your organisation’s view. Issue No. 1:
Q5. Issue No. 2:
Q5. Issue No. 3:
Q5. Issue No. 4:
Q5. Issue No. 5:
Q6. What could be the best approach to combat the type of discrimination you marked as most serious for your country?
Q7. Do you think the Equality Body in your country has sufficient authority to deal effectively with discriminatory practices in employment and occupation?
If NO, please give some examples of shortcomings in "Other".
Q8. Are you familiar with any decisions given by court of law or tribunals dealing with discrimination in employment and occupation? (including European Justice Institutions)
If YES, please provide example in "Other".
Q9. Are you familiar with any good practice / project / measure in dealing with discrimination in employment and occupation that could be a good policy example to other countries?
If YES, please provide example in "Other".
Q10. If you felt you were a victim of discrimination at work, what action would you take?
Q.11 Do you have any other comments you would like the expert team to consider?
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Thank you for your time!
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