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GHX 2020 - I need host
Dear hoppers

Fantastic news you are joining our Gentse Hoppers Exchange Grand Edition.

We do our best to find enough hosting spots, but since you are so many, we surely can’t promise anything. To make a good match, we need some basic info (number of people, allergies,...). Please fill in this form as soon as possible.

Important! Take into account that groups of more than 2-3 people are difficult to match to a host. If possible, please divide your big group into small groups and fill out several forms (if needed: you can give some info about the big group in the extra question).

Other practical things (for example: do you need bed linen, bicycle?) are things you can discuss with your host.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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1. Are you alone or do you travel in group? *
2. Who are you? *
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3. Where are you from? *
City in Belgium or country
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4. Is someone allergic to animals? *
4a. If yes, what animals?
5. Transport: I arrive in Ghent by *
5a. I can bring my own bike if needed *
6. Sleep comfort *
7. Place to be hosted *
Keep in mind that you have more chance of being match with a host if you select multiple options (if possible for you)
8. Write any extra info that we need to know here
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