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NYU-SUNS Free Online Tutoring Program
Sign up to be paired with an individual tutor who is a current New York University student!

Subjects provided: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.

Program information:
- Free tutoring for high school students of all grades
- Weekly individual tutoring (1-2 hours)
- Ask questions about courses and study tips!

- Applications are open through the semester.

We provide tutors who:
- have taken corresponding courses with grade A- or above.
- have determination to help you succeed, and care about your growth and well-being!

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What is SUNS? We serve as the main neuroscience interest group at NYU. We host a variety of events including faculty talks, research Q&A panels, career-building workshops, study sessions, volunteer opportunities, and much more.


The SUNS E-board
Ramia Rahman, President
Yasmine Elasmar, Vice President
Ayo Adewakun, Secretary
Hector Saul Medrano, Treasurer
Yunchang Zhang, Social Chair
Jolene Chou, External Communications Chair
Luisa Leonelli, Community Service Chair
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