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Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain
Please complete registrations for all individuals planning to attend.

Sunday, September 22, 2019 water protectors from three states will gather on Bent Mountain for workshops, a potluck supper, a SUN SiNG & Local Friends Concert, an Earth Grief Ceremony, Strategy Campfires and optional overnight camping near the path of the Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline. We will share stories, interfaith prayers and strategy. We will sing, dance, grieve, learn and make art & song for the Climate Emergency: Tri-State Pipeline Strike! in Downtown Roanoke on September 23 at 10 am.

Registration (completely secure/not shared) is required and details and directions will be emailed to you following registration from

Once you register, we will also send you our guide to nearby places to stay if you do not wish to camp.

Please note that entry to the event closes at 5:30 pm. No entry will be allowed after 5:30 pm on 9-22 and that the event is rain or shine.

Ideally, folks will attend both events, but that is not required. Also optional is camping over at the "Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain" site on Sunday evening. Help us by deciding ahead if you will camp over.

A commitment to non-violence, completion of the registration below and signed liability waivers* are required for entry. Your registration information will not be shared with anyone without specific permission from you.

This event is rain or shine.

The Shape of the Day:
1 pm: Registration Begins.
3 pm: Opening Prayer: Pre supper workshops: 3-4:30
Mama Bear Direct Action Story Share: Women who have taken direct action to stop pipelines share thier stories.
Ties That Bind: Braiding chains of resistance.
Art Build: with 1000 Flags/1000 Waters & AAP
Song Workshop: Learn & Sing 4 Resistance Songs
5 pm: Blessing for the Meal & Pot Luck Supper till 6
5:30 pm. Registration/Entry Gate Closes
6 pm: Plenary. Briefing for Next Day: full group.
7 pm: SUN SiNG** & Local Friends Concert
(with three brief keynote speakers from each of three states and Earth Grief Ceremony
9 pm: Small group strategy campfires.
10:30 pm: Rest

Monday, September. 23:
7:00 - 8:30 am coffee and breakfast
8:30 am Depart for Downtown Roanoke
10 am: "Climate Emergency: Tri-State Pipeline Strike" in Downtown Roanoke (a separately produced event). Until 12:15
2 pm: Strike/Clean up at Bent Mt. Site. You & your belongings must be gone.

- your own washable cup, fork and plate. we will wash.
-a real dish for the potluck. label with ingredients.
-a cup of water from a water body you love & will protect.
-fabric for Ties that Bind. Art supplies for Art Build (and we will have too)
-your water flag if you have one.
-printed and signed waivers from registration.
-light simple camping gear you can walk or or we can shuttle in.
-a token or picture for the Ancestor Ally altar.
-if you love your chair, bring it. we only have 120.

More detail on bringing and not bringing post registration. No pets. No guns.

There will be a short walk from parking to the event and limited shuttle service for those who need it.

We will not be able to accommodate your pets at this gathering.

Children are safe and welcome as long as you mind them.

Water and portable toilets will be available. A first-aid tent, EMT's and emergency phone will be available.

No guns are allowed on site. Cell phone reception could be spotty for some.

Your trash is your trash. Take out what you bring in.

For more on the SUN SiNG collective and event producer, visit ARTivism Virginia on you tube here:

As always, the “Circle of Protection” will seek to serve and elevate the voices of our host community, in this case, Bent Mountain, and others now facing the destructive robbery of the Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline. Communities resisting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline threat will come to tell their own story and stand in solidarity to protect the region’s rights to clean water and to protect their own homes and future.

"Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain" is the first of two No MVP/No ACP events from an emergent coalition of Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia pipeline resisters during the September 20-27 Global Climate Strike Week. Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain will support the second event, "Climate Emergency: Tri-State Pipeline Strike" (separately produced) which will take place on the morning of Monday, September 23 in Roanoke, VA.

To complete your registration entry at the gate on the day of the event, you will be asked to sign waivers. Those will be sent to you in an email with directions once you register. Give em a read. If you are feeling extra helpful, read, print and sign them and bring them with you.

Specific Directions will be emailed to you in September from Add this to your contacts. The event is on Bent Mountain, approx. 20 minutes from downtown Roanoke. Bent Mountain, VA 24059

For questions please contact Jill or Kat at

This is a free event. Any donations, however small, are graciously accepted. If you wish to offer financial support, send donations to Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice with the memo line "SUN SING" here:

**More on SUN SiNG collective:
More on 1000 Flags/1000 Waters:
More on Ties that Bind:
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I will join the "Climate Emergency: Tri-State Pipeline Strike" event in Roanoke, Sept. 23, 10 am
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