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Athletics Recertification 2019
Please utilize the training video and powerpoint available at To pass you must get a 6/10. To check your score please email Kellie at

You must be previously certified in Athletics for this to recertify you. If you were not previously certified you must attend a training session.
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Name (First and Last) *
Date of Birth *
Area *
I am a previously certified coach in Athletics *
T/F Competitors may compete barefoot *
1 point
T/F Track spikes are encouraged *
1 point
Due to the possibility of low registration number, which events may be combined? (Select all that apply) *
1 point
How many false starts are allowed before an athlete is disqualified? *
1 point
What is the minimum opening height for all high jump competitions? *
1 point
In the Motorized Wheelchair Events, all motorized wheelchairs shall be set on a _____ *
1 point
T/F In the Ball Throw for Distance, athletes can use any type of throw. *
1 point
In Standing Long Jump, each competitor shall be allowed __ non-consecutive jumps. The athlete’s best jump will be used for scoring. *
1 point
How many fins must a mini-javelin consist of? *
1 point
_____M and greater must use a waterfall start
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