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Angel Island - November 22-25, 2018
Cruise Leader: Tom Keegen
Contact Information:
Type of Cruise Out: Mooring balls
Berthing Cost / Night: $30

Yep, Angel Island! Yep, Thanksgiving weekend! Yep, THE Sequoia Yacht Club!

Let's do this. Come one come all. The Island is ours. Party starts Wednesday and continues to Sunday or as long as you want.

Wednesday last year we had Ashley and Paul hosting Mexico Night on Royal Venture, was it Wednesday? We will do something bring food and drinks for all.

Thursday was crab on the Island, was it Thursday? Fresh crab! Let's do let's do it again!

Friday it's turkey day bring your sides.


We also have a camp site, ridge#5, let me know if there is any interest.

Need a ride, need sleep space, need crew, need a glass of wine let me know and we will see what is out there, after all we are THE SYC!

Can't remember if you've signed up already? Check the list:

See you on Angel Island!

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