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Application IPS 275
Thank you for your interest in the class IPS 275: UN Habitat III: Bridging Cities and Nations to Tackle Urban Development. We require interested students to answer the following questions before enrolling into the class. This form will help us gauge your motivation and preparedness to take the course. It is also helpful for us to organize the class and a potential trip to Quito, Ecuador to attend the UN HABITAT III conference. Going to the conference is optional. Your acceptance in the class will be based on your motivation and project and not your availability to go to the conference.


What is your name? *
In what program and year are you at Stanford? *
Please indicate your email address so that we can contact you: *
What is your motivation for taking the class and what do you expect to learn from the class? (~ 150-200 words) *
Please choose up to 2 topics of the New Urban Agenda that interest you the most. You can read more about these topics here: *
This class is centered around student research projects in line with the topics discussed at the UN HABITAT III conference. What specific question/issue would you like to work on? (~150-200 words) *
Would you be interested in creating the following based on your research? *
Please tell us about previous classes, professional or personal experience that make you interested and prepared for this class and the project you'd like to work on (~100 words) *
This course offers a platform to study the new urban agenda but does not require nor include a trip to Quito for the conference. However, do you plan on going to the conference (Oct 17-20 in Quito, Ecuador)? *
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