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后海灣濕地保育研討會 Symposium on Deep Bay Wetland Conservation
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Symposium on Deep Bay Wetland Conservation rundown

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在職教師可使用教育局的 e-Services 電郵或學校電郵地址作登記,以索取由本會最新出版的「生物多樣性的蹤跡 - 中學教師教材套」乙份。If you are a school teacher and would like to obtain a copy of WWF-Hong Kong newly published biodiversity themed secondary school education pack - “Biodiversity Journey - Education resource pack for Secondary school teachers”, please use e-Services account or school email address to complete the enrolment.
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倘若教師尚未申請 e-Services 電郵,請與 貴校的電腦資訊科技專員聯絡,或瀏覽教育局網頁:。如對索取「生物多樣性的蹤跡 - 中學教師教材套」有任何疑問,請電郵至 與本會聯絡。
If your school has not applied for an e-Services account, please contact your school IT coordinator for more details.:
If you have further enquires on “Biodiversity Journey - Education resource pack for Secondary school teachers”,, please contact us by email: .
參考編號 Reference code (如有 if any)
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收集個人資料聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement
世界自然基金會香港分會(下稱「本會」)承諾遵守及履行《個人資料(私隱)條例》之規定,以確保你的個人資料準確及安全。閣下的個人資料(包括你的姓名、地址及/或電郵地址、電話號碼、捐款紀錄、出生日期及其他)或會被本會及其指定之服務供應商透過郵寄、電子郵件、電話通話、短訊及互聯網通訊等的方法,用作提供最新組織資訊、問卷調查、籌募活動、捐款或會員通訊、會員活動及其他通訊和推廣之用途。若想了解關於本會私隱政策之全文,請瀏覽以下網址。 閣下可隨時及在毋須繳付任何費用下,選擇不接收本會通訊。閣下只須致電本會之捐款事務小組: 2526 1011,或發送電郵至 ,或以書面方式(郵寄地址:中環纜車徑一號 世界自然基金會香港分會)通知本會。
WWF-Hong Kong undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate and secure. Your personal information (including your name, postal and/or email addresses, telephone number, donation records, and date of birth, etc.) may be used by WWF-Hong Kong and the appointed service providers, for the purposes of sending you organizational updates, surveys, fundraising appeals, donation or membership administration, event invitations, other communication and marketing via postal mail, electronic mail, telephone, SMS, online, etc. For the full version of our Privacy Policy, please visit the WWF-Hong Kong website at may opt out of receiving communications from us at any time free of charge. Simply call our service hotline at 2526 1011 or send an email to or write to WWF-Hong Kong at 1 Tramway Path, Central.
若閣下不希望收到本會之任何通訊,或只希望透過郵寄/電子郵件/電話收到通訊,請在下列方格內加上√號 If you DO NOT wish to receive any communications from us, or only receive communications via post, email or phone, please tick the appropriate box below.
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