Advertising Information 15-16

    About the Voice

    The Paly Voice ( is a 24/7 news source for Palo Alto High School. We strive to incorporate all aspects of student life into our coverage, with an emphasis on timely, reliable and relevant content. We believe that as high school journalists, it is our responsibility to not only report the news, but also to interact with our community in a meaningful way through a dedication to transparency, strict adherence to journalistic ethics and a commitment to publishing student content.

    Why advertise with Paly Voice?

    The Voice's goal is to provide both its advertisers and readers with a great value whether through more customers or useful products. The Paly Voice has a large reach throughout the community and online and wants use its reach to sustain its publication while also helping local businesses and the community. Voice average 900 views per day and 6,300 views per week.

    Advertising Options

    We have two options available: 1) Sponsor Package 2) Individual Advertisements
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