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UP Science workshop mini-proposal
Science Workshops are brought to students (3rd to 8th grade) enrolled in the Universidad Popular Youth Program in Little Village, a neighborhood in Chicago. Students in the program receive monthly one hour workshops that cover topics ranging from microbes and their role in ecosystems, lichens and their use as bioindicators, bird biodiversity in urban ecosystems, food webs and energy cycles, and embryonic development in zebrafish. These workshops were initiated by graduate students in the Multicultural Graduate Community at the University of Chicago, but all students across the university are welcome lead a workshop.

The ultimate goal of the Science Workshops program is to improve students’ academic performance and enrich their academic experience.

What will be the objective of the proposed workshop?
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What is the relevance of the scientific concepts/ideas explored in this workshop? (consider the target audience to be students aged 8-16)
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Provide a brief outline of the format of your workshop.
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Describe room space and equipment needs:
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