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Accra Business School - General Survey
Survey of Students’ General Experience at Accra Business School

One of the core values of Accra Business School (ABS) is ‘Listening: Because You Talk We Listen’. On the basis of this value, we are reaching out to our cherished students to help us serve you better. This is the opportunity for you to have a say and make a real impact on the future of Accra Business School. Please answer the questions below based on how your experience at Accra Business School has been and be as candid as you can. This survey is confidential.
1. Considering your complete ABS experience, how likely are you to recommend ABS to your friends or colleagues?
2. When did you enroll at ABS?
3. Please state what best describes you from the following?
4. On a scale of 1 to 7, 7 being the highest, how satisfied are you with the overall format of the ABS Programs?
5. Please indicate your general level of satisfaction with ABS?
6. How helpful was the class material provided to you?
7.How beneficial was the class for you
8. Do you think the class provided the right amount of theoretical and practical experience?
9. Do you think the class teachings will be helpful for growth in your career?
10. Do you think the class provided good value for money?
11.Classes at ABS are very well organized
12.The facilities provided by ABS were up to my expectation
13.The teaching environment helped in better learning
14. Hygiene is well maintained at ABS
15. Please state 3 things that you liked most about ABS and why? *
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16. Please state 3 things that you disliked most about ABS and why? *
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17. What would you like changed or modified by ABS? *
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18. Do you have any comments/suggestion to help improve ABS? *
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