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Project Precious Plastics
In partnership with Blair Kaufer of Facilities Services and the UW Recyling Team, the CSF brings you a new project idea! If you've heard about microplastics in our sea salt, the Pacific Garbage Patch swelling past the size of Texas, or simply want to do more than carry a reusable water bottle with your reusable lunchware -- this project is for you! And it's also for you if you like to make things...ANY things...

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Currently, further work is on hold until a team of students self-organize and spearhead this project. Blair would be your staff liaison and support system, and the CSF would walk you through the funding application process as well as help assist with project development. This project would unfold in two parts. First, the machines would need to be constructed and housed around the UW campus (maybe in the maker spaces?), and then they (and resulting products / process of sourcing of materials) would need to be managed by a dedicated, long-term team. There's a ton of potential to collaborate with different departments around campus as this medium could be used artistically as well as practically, and could potentially turn a profit and/or save the university money (we currently buy plastic to use in our 3D printers).


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