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Girls Fitness Club Registration 2019
This fitness group will meet on Wednesdays from 4:15-5:15pm at Maki House (19 Leeming Drive). The session will run for 8 weeks from October 2-November 27 2019 (no class on October 30th) and cost $60 (plus your $10 CBLCA 2019 membership)
The focus of the group is to empower young women through fitness.
I am a Healthy Active Living teacher at the high school level. I have spent my career motivating students to be the best they can be through physical fitness and sport. During the often challenging time of adolescence, it is so important to build our youth’s self esteem and help them to realize how awesome they truly are. Through this program I will help your youth to learn to (or continue to) love being active, to help build her self esteem, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for her to work out in. Each week will start with an engaging and fun game and then lead into a fitness activity. Activities will include such things as strength training, cardio fitness blasts, circuit training, and yoga (among others). All that is needed to participate are running shoes, athletic clothes (ex. shorts or comfortable pants, and a T-shirt) and a yoga mat if you have one. If you are interested please contact
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