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Central Valley High School Community Scholarship Application
This application and the additional required materials are due NO LATER than March 29, 2019 (by the end of the school day). Late applications WILL NOT be accepted.

Additional Required materials:
Personal Statement Essay
Academic Resume
3 Reference Letters
Copy of Parents’ 2017 Tax Return (the page showing the adjusted gross income and dependents)
High School transcript (your counselor will attach this)
Attendance Report (your counselor will attach this)

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Student Name *
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Parent Phone # *
Student Phone #
Parent Email Address
Student Email Address *
Years you have been a student in the Gateway Unified School District? *
Post-Secondary Plan *
1st Choice College *
2nd choice college
Have you been accepted by your 1st choice college? *
What is your 1st choice of a major and what degree are you pursuing? *
What is your 2nd choice of a major and what degree are you pursuing?
What is your intended career? *
Why have you chosen to pursue this career? *
Do either of your parents have a four-year degree *
If your parent has a 4 year degree, which parent, what degree is it and where is it from?
Has either parent lost their job within the past year?
Do you have any siblings in college? *
If yes, what college do they attend?
List all parents and siblings, and any other relatives who attended CVHS and their year of graduation:
Have you held a job during the school year? *
If so, who was your employer?
What were the dates of employment?
How many hours per week did you work?
What clubs have you been involved in?
What community service project(s) have you been involved in?
If you have not been able to work or be involved in school activities please explain your situation:
Are your parents or grandparents veterans? If yes, who? Branch?
What is the total cost of attendance for your 1st choice college if living on campus? (Go to the college’s financial aid website and search for cost of attendance.)
What scholarships, grants, and/or savings do you already available have for your 1st year of college?
Subtract the total cost of attendance from your available finances for the first year of college. This is your financial need for the first year. What is your need?
What is your EFC number from FAFSA?
Please attach your personal statement essay. Your essay should describe a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution, or experience that is important to you. What about this topic makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you have become? Please write this maximum 2-page essay in size 12 font with double-spacing.
Please attach a copy of your academic resume to the counseling office. You can find a template here:
Attach three (3) letters of recommendation. One of these letters must be from someone that knows you outside of school! (ie: pastor, employer, youth leader, etc.)
Attach a copy of your parents 2017 tax return
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