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Neighbourhood Plan 4 Belper 2019 - 2035
Thank you for taking the time to look at the Neighbourhood Plan for the Belper area, and to respond. Please note that all respondents must live and/or work within the civil parish of Belper.

From completed response forms we will be able to quantify the support or otherwise for each policy, and this will form an important part of the evidence base that is a legal requirement for a neighbourhood plan. There is a separate form concerning NP4B projects.

The version of NP4B that you have looked at is not final but the policies have been developed from the two previous rounds of consultation in 2016/17 and are not likely to significantly change. Following this consultation, the NP4B Working Group will be collaborating with a professional planner in order to refine the document ready for the independent Inspector with the referendum at the end of 2019.

When completing the form, please bear in mind that: (a) we must accord with the national planning policies, and with those of Amber Valley in the 2006 and 2019 Local Plans; (b) we cannot reduce the quota for housing; (c) the policies are based on the “majority response”; (d) the text of the document has to be as succinct as possible, so all non-essential information has been omitted.

It is not necessary to complete the whole form, unless you want to. For each policy you are responding to please tick the one answer which you feel is appropriate. Please be assured that your email address is merely required to ensure that we do not have multiple responses from the same source.

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