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Chromebook:  GBCS Parent and Student Use Agreement
GBCS Parent and Student Use Agreement: Chromebook
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Student/s First and Last Name: *
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GBCS Agress to:
●  Provide a Chromebook for each student                                                                                                    
●  Provide filtered Internet access on the Chromebook.
●  Provide Google Apps for Education and other educational applications that support learning in the classroom and at home.
The Student agrees to:
●  Take good care of the Chromebook in all locations.
●  Bring the Chromebook with the cord to school daily, fully charged.        
●  Be a responsible user of the Chromebook. Do not eat or drink while using them.
●  Use the Chromebook for educational purposes. No social communication, no chat groups, no social media.
●  Report any damage or loss, whatever the cause, to your teacher as soon as possible.
●  Take responsibility for any damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse.
●  Follow the Student Acceptable Use Guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook.
●  Return the Chromebook and the charger once students return to school. Students who withdraw enrollment for any reason must return the Chromebook on or before the date of withdrawal.
Parents/Guardians agree to:
●  Ensure your child understands the appropriate care of Chromebook in all locations.
●  Ensure your child uses the Chromebook appropriately. No social communication, no chat groups, no social media.
●  Support your child’s learning and the exploration of personal interests that align with school policies.
●  Ensure that any damage or loss is reported to the school immediately. Report vandalism or theft to the appropriate police department.
By writing my name below, I show my support for the above agreement on behave of myself and my child/ren *
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