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Ad Revenue Share - Application
Church, School, Boosters or any Community Organization should Apply to Receive Ad Share Dollars
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Revenue Sharing - Advertisers on Community websites will have the option to select one Beneficiary Organization such as yours to support with a portion of their advertising dollars. The beneficiary organization will be informed that they have been selected by this specific advertiser, and will automatically receive a percentage of the paid advertisement. This funding will continue as long as that specific advertiser participates, and if they leave and later renew the shared dollars will resume. All approved beneficiary organizations will have access to the current list of advertisers and shared dollars collected and due to be paid - please encourage organizations to apply with this form. All applicants will be informed as to the decision to approve their Beneficiary Organization and the Communities that they have been approved for. Program begins 7/1/2017 first Quarterly payment planned October 27, 2017
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