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FarmTable Vendor Application
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More information about selling with Food Roots FarmTable can be found on our website If you have questions, please contact us at 503-815-2800 or
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Hold harmless statement:‚Äč By applying and paying for vendorship, the vendor agrees to abide by the program policies and procedures and to indemnify, defend, and holdharmless Food Roots and its partners from and against all damages, claims, demands, suits, actions resulting from, or because of, any damage to property or bodily injury or death of any person arising out of the occupancy and/or use of FarmTable store by the participant or guests. *
You agree to acquire, carry, and furnish documentation of insurance for your products. Please note that if you are not able to provide proof of insurance, you will not be able to sell your products with FarmTable at this time. *
Thank you for your interest in selling your products with FarmTable! Someone will be in touch with you soon to follow up with you and discuss next steps.
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