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Scrip Delivery Permission Form
Spokane Public Montessori participates in a non-selling fundraiser called Scrip. Scrip is another way to pay for everyday purchases by using gift cards. You or the SPM Scrip Coordinator, purchase gift cards for face value, and the retailer sells the cards to us (via Scrip) at a reduced rate (rebate). The difference comes back to Spokane Public Montessori, Community Of Montessori Parents. PLUS, 50% of the rebates you earn from your Scrip purchases are deducted from your student/s (chaperones too) Camp Out fee.

Physical Scrip cards are ordered the first (1st) and third (3rd) Friday of the month. Scrip orders must be picked up in person from the Scrip Coordinator, alternatively families may elect to have their order delivered to and brought home by their designated student in a sealed GREEN ENVELOPE.
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